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With Clarity by Hazel (previously called PromagD), a 4-in-1 Menopause Supplement, we want to help you be as comfortable as possible while you go through the menopause, giving you and your body the support it needs and turning the menopause into a positive experience – one to embrace as a pivotal moment in womanhood. 
ONLY £22.49 
FREE UK Postage 
30 capsules, one month supply 
Developed by clinic owner and menopause nurse specialist Hazel Hayden 
Reduces Perimenopause and Menopause symptoms 
Improves sleep, increases energy levels and supports memory loss 
Supports depression through menopause 
Helps prevent weight gain and bloating during menopause 
Can help to keep bones strong 
4 multivitamin supplements combined within 1 capsule to be taken daily. 
Want a supplement containing recommended daily doses of nutrients and probiotics essential to our body’s health and wellbeing that can help boost the immune system and improve mental health? 
Want assistance in reducing the symptoms of the menopause but not sure what you can take if you’re already on HRT or have a medical condition? 
Want a supplement containing only natural ingredients and without high doses that could cause side-effects, like some other products? 
Want to take just a single, all-in-one multivitamin to help support the body and promote good health and wellbeing instead of a multitude of pills, tablets and capsules? 
"I tried your supplements and I genuinely cannot believe the difference it has made. I feel like my old self, something I had not felt for the last 18 months! Thank you so much!" 
JM, Newport, January 2022 

'ProMagD' is now 'Clarity by Hazel' 

A single supplement – filled with nutrients and probiotics to help ease the symptoms of Menopause as well as improving your overall health and wellbeing, that can be taken by absolutely anyone – regardless of health conditions, current medication or dietary requirements.  
Please remember it can take a couple of months to experience the full benefits of Clarity by Hazel. 
Menopausal symptoms can be devastating for many women and are often assumed to be related to a separate condition entirely until a menopause diagnosis is reached. 
The menopause symptoms can vary drastically from woman to woman, they can develop suddenly and include brain fog, chronic fatigue, anxiety and palpitations, as well as mood swings, loss of libido, loss of confidence and hot flushes. 
Whilst experiencing these symptoms it can be a very confusing and frustrating time with huge emotional and hormonal turbulence.  
Most people don’t realise they are beginning to go through the menopause and the symptoms are often assigned to a totally separate condition. 

Natural Ingredients 

Clarity by Hazel was developed using only naturally occurring ingredients and can help combat and reduce the symptoms of the menopause whilst also providing additional health benefits and support for the body. The multivitamin can support women going through the menopause, peri-menopause or for those that have already gone through it. Clarity is also suitable for those that are looking for a well-rounded supplement that can help improve their overall health and wellbeing. 
Visit our ‘About’ page to find out how Clarity came to be. 

Works alongside HRT 

Clarity was developed specifically to be able to be taken as a supplement to assist with menopausal symptoms whether Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) has been prescribed or not, and is also able to be taken by women with any existing or previous health conditions, such as breast cancer. 
Many supplements designed for menopausal women are unsuitable for consumption alongside HRT or for women with certain medical conditions. With Clarity, anyone can benefit from a reduction in their menopause symptoms, regardless of their current treatments or health concerns. 
Clarity contains only probiotics, magnesium, vitamin D and vitamin B12 as its principle ingredients - making it both safe to consume by anyone and suitable for all diets, including vegetarian and vegan diets. 
Visit our ‘Ingredients and Benefits’ page to find out what makes up Clarity and how it can help you. 

 About Clarity Menopause Supplements  

 Ingredients And Benefits Of Clarity  

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No matter what stage you are at with the menopause, whether you are just starting to go through it, experiencing peri-menopause, in the middle of the menopause, or if you’ve been through it already, Clarity by Hazel can help ease your symptoms as well as provide your body with the additional nutrients and probiotics you need to promote and provide good overall health and wellbeing. 
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